Signalling, marking and anchoring


New for 2020!


Plug-in bollard with cutaway

Nestable bollard in HD PE, adjustable height from 200 to 1000 mm to be installed on offset anchor or centred anchor.


This bollard is available in one or two colours.


You can find the technical data sheet of this product in the download area.

Flexible memory bollard

This bollard is made of HD PE with 2 sides, absorbs shocks and returns to its original shape after a collision.


You can find the technical data sheet for this product in the download area.

Chariot Porte Sac de Chantier

  Very practical and easy to manoeuvre, Bollards & Beacons offers you this site bag trolley.


Ideal for demanding and intensive use, this trolley will be able to accompany you efficiently on your work sites.


Compatible with the Bollards & Beacons backpack and carrying cases.

Industrial chalk

 Bollards & Beacons offers you an industrial chalk that allows you to write on all types of surfaces and that offers optimal adhesion.


Available in yellow and red.

The universal brochure

Bollards & Beacons offers you a new brochure with many advantages!


In addition to our standard products, your specific product.   





Based on our range of heavy duty bollards and anchors, Tellura has developed specific products for its customers. 


Our reputation is well established: we will make your special product, the one that will allow you to increase your turnover! 


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borne signalétique personnalisée