When the reactivity of an SME and the strength of a group go hand in hand!

The EUROBORNES & BALISES and TELLURA brands belong to the SOGEMAP group.


Founded in 1961, the SOGEMAP group is a French group, based in Surgères in Charente-Maritime, and specialised in the design and manufacture of plastic, resin and metal products. 


With the constant desire to always bring more satisfaction to its customers, the SOGEMAP group has been able, over the years, to seize market opportunities and to be enriched by the experiences of the companies BORNES & BALISES, then TELLURA, and finally EUROBORNES, which joined the group in 2018. 


Thanks to the pooling of all these skills and good practices, the EUROBORNES & BALISES brand now offers a complete range of products to meet its customers' requirements in terms of quality, deadlines and costs.


Today, the expertise and performance of EUROBORNES & BALISES are based on a team of 44 people who provide the most insightful solutions to the problems and requirements of its customers.


Rainwater drainage

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