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Tellura can assist in the realization of a specific product


With our range of heavy duty anchors

and network markers,

we can provide many types of products

made to measure.


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Tellura's Specifics products



Waste basket in Zinc coated steel 


Made from hot-dipped, galvanized steel keeps out the scavengers and the vandals. 


2 Models available :


  • Sheet metal with mid-height protection preventing any bag deterioration
  • With full protective sheet 



This gate permits easy and yet secure access to a fenced area from its unique self closing design.

Just lift the gate to pass !

Once on the other side,

Just let the gate fall back into place

And it's closed again.  



Marker indicating power network for SNCF with offset anchorage. 


Assembly includes :

  • A marker rock PE HD UV Treated
  • A nameplate & 2 screws stainless TH din 7976, size 5x5x25mm
  • An anchor hot galvanized steel :

Diameter 21,3mm

Lenght 300mm